You have been preparing for one of the main events of your life for a very long time, and now the wedding day is tomorrow, but it is too early to completely relax. On the eve of the celebration, it is imperative to check all the last preparations so that unforeseen situations do not arise at the holiday.

Ideally, it is better to leave at least a couple of days in reserve, so that on the eve of day X to be able to relax and not worry. And if there is enough time left before your wedding, we recommend compiling a to-do list so that you don’t forget or lose sight of.


Things to take care of on the eve of the wedding

1. Prepare a kit for the ceremony. If the painting coincides with the celebration day, you will need passports. Without them you will not be signed, so first of all you need to prepare them. And, of course, do not forget about the rings.

2. Ensure that all arrangements are in force. You need to contact all contractors, remind yourself, once again say the time of the beginning and end of the event, to clarify key points, namely:

  • The photographer needs to be reminded of the time and place of the start of shooting, it is also advisable to discuss the timing of the day again;
  • The host must provide a guest list, and for the DJ a list of your favorite songs should be prepared;
  • Make-up artist and stylist need to inform the exact time of the start of the training;
  • Call the restaurant and check the number of servings (anything happens - maybe some of the guests will not be able to come). If you take your alcohol, fruit, cake to a banquet, make sure that all this is delivered to the restaurant;
  • Talk with your assistants. You must determine in advance those responsible for a particular task. For example, a person who will follow gifts or help to lay out boarding cards in a banquet hall. Make sure everyone knows what assignments they have to complete.

Also, it is advisable for all vendors who will participate in the wedding day to leave the contacts of a responsible person if urgent questions arise. Giving the phone numbers of the bride or groom is not a good idea, since all calls will be very distracting.

3. Check the readiness of dresses, suits, veils, shoes and accessories. Do not leave dresses in wedding covers until the time of collection. Salons usually do pre-sale preparation, but this is not always enough. You have to stroke the dress, the veil of the bride and the suit of the groom. It is better to entrust this matter to mom, or, there is an opportunity, to order a steaming service with departure to your home. In any case, from evening on, all clothing should be ironed and hung at the ready.

4. Ensure proper storage of the bride's bouquet. If you took it in the evening before the celebration, make a fresh cut on the stems and place it in a dark, cool place.

5. Prepare the room for shooting the bride's fees. If you have chosen your apartment as the venue for the photo shoot of the bride’s morning, you need to do the cleaning in the room where the gatherings will take place and take out all the excess and put things in order. The same applies to the groom's photo shoot session. Remember that extra details can ruin even the best shots!

6. Prepare payment for the work of a stylist, host, photographer, and so on. It is better to lay out the money in envelopes in advance and sign them - this will facilitate the task on the wedding day, and you won’t have to count the money again and again with trembling hands. Let everything be ready in advance.

7. Make sure that everything is prepared for a stand-up meal - fruits, champagne, water, dishes, napkins, a garbage bag and more. Do not forget about the contractors! For a miami wedding photographers and videographer, shooting is not a static job, but rather good physical activity, so you need to take care of minimal comfort for them. Prepare for them plain water without gas in sufficient quantity, and if from the start of shooting to the banquet more than 4 hours - a small snack.

8. Prepare a set of useful little things for unforeseen situations. Surely in the aggregate the set will turn out not small, but you will be calm if something suddenly goes wrong.

9. Spread the shoes. Take the time to walk around the house in new shoes in advance. And just in case, prepare a spare pair without heels.

10. Check all necessary attributes. Prepare the props for the photo shoot and ransom, compliments for guests, flower petals, wedding glasses, an album for wishes.