So, you got a wedding invitation. The closer the holiday date is, the more often questions arise: What to give to the newlyweds? When and where to buy gifts? Can I give gifts not from the wish list? 

But what about cash ... In this article you will find answers to these and many other questions. 

How much money to allocate for a gift?

In the USA, the average amount spent on gifts is $ 99 - but this applies to friends and distant relatives. If these are parents and relatives - the amount reaches 127 dollars. But even if you are not a close friend, spending less than $ 50 on a wedding gift is inappropriate.

For colleagues and distant friends - from $ 50 to $ 100 - the best option. If a couple has Amazon Wedding Registry, but the cost of gifts starts from an amount in excess of your budget, feel free to give a gift card to one of the stores. 

Is it okay to give a joint gift?

If all the items in the gift list go beyond your budget, feel free to invite your friends to join forces in its purchase. For example, for bridesmaids and friends of the groom - this is the most correct option. 

They already spent a lot of money on clothes, on organizing a bachelorette party and a bachelor party, so giving a common gift is a great solution.

Do I need to give a gift that corresponds to the price of the menu for one person?

Remember, in choosing a date, a restaurant - there is no relation to the value of the gift. It all depends on your attitude to the couple, their interests and hobbies. No guest should exaggerate their capabilities, just because, for example, a wedding is expected to be a beach wedding.

Also, this does not mean that you can give an inexpensive gift, even if you are invited to a wedding in the backyard of a private house.

Friends are planning a wedding abroad. Do I need to buy a gift?

There are no clear rules in this matter. But based on the reviews of the newlyweds and the opinions of experts, the presence at the wedding venue is already a great gift.

After all, guests often take vacations, buy tickets, spend money on hotels. If you want to give a gift, BUT you do not have free money, make a surprise on your wedding anniversary. We are sure a couple will appreciate it.

Do I need to give a gift if you can not come to the wedding?

If you refuse a wedding invitation , there is no need to buy an expensive gift. Instead of a gift, write or call the bride and groom, wish a happy family life and all the best. But if you are really a very close friend or relative, spend a small amount on a gift and a wedding card. This will be a pleasant surprise.

But if you were traveling from another country and shipping costs a lot of money, feel free to bring a wedding present. However, do not rush to hand the gift to the bride and groom in person. Let the wedding planner take care of this. If the wedding is small, the role of the organizer and "keeper" of gifts cards can be performed by parents or bridesmaids.