The main difference between electrolysis and other types of hair removal is that the electrolysis procedure is suitable for hair of any color and type. This procedure allows you to permanently remove hair on any part of the body. Hard hair and a barely noticeable fluff are equally effectively removed. So striking is the efficiency of electrolysis of the price, which is already becoming not so significant. In general, electrolysis is a fairly reliable method, since it has been tested by centuries of practice. The first experiments on the removal of ingrown eyelashes by electrolysis were conducted by Charles Michel back in 1869.

It is amazing that the first Dan Muller hair removal equipment company was created today. It is the largest company among manufacturers of equipment and various accessories for electrolysis. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Paul Cree applied the galvanic method for the first time in cosmetology. The first devices had significant drawbacks and inconveniences in use. Modern equipment is as advanced as possible and is installed in the salon of electrolysis, so the question: where to do electrolysis, is not relevant in the modern world. It is enough to type in the search engine: "electrolysis Kiev" and you will immediately find many options.

Before doing electrolysis, you should consult with a specialist. He will give you all the necessary recommendations. Most importantly, if you decide to visit the electrolysis room for procedures, do not shave the exposure zone in advance. Hair length should be at least 5 mm. And immediately before the procedure, the cosmetologist carefully treats the skin with an alcohol solution and applies a special gel. The doctor pre-applies an anesthetic , because electrolysis of hair is accompanied by severe pain.

Then the master of electrolysis processes and removes each hair, you will feel only a slight tingling sensation. A very thin needle is inserted into the follicle and a small discharge is applied. Often they are affected not only by current, but by combining current with thermolysis, that is, by acting at a very high temperature. Depending on what structure and stiffness the hair has, temperature and amperage are selected. The hair bulb "gets burned" under the influence of temperature, and the alkali produced by an electric discharge is detrimental to cell growth. Then there is a hair removal. After electrolysis, the skin is disinfected and treated with emollients and wounds.

Contraindications for electrolysis

Electrolysis, just like photoepilation , and laser hair removal has its contraindications, namely:

  • skin diseases (acute or chronic);
  • the presence of diabetes in a decompensated stage;
  • varicose veins;
  • heart disease (ischemic or hypertonic);
  • infectious diseases;
  • oncological neoplasms or diseases;
  • the presence of certain forms of hepatitis;
  • the presence of epilepsy;
  • the presence of an intrauterine device at the site of the alleged hair removal;
  • It is not recommended to carry out procedures during pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • personal intolerance to current.

Salon consultants will answer all your questions, including how much electrolysis costs .

Skin care after electrolysis

After the procedure, especially if face electrolysis is performed , it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations indicated by the doctor. The skin is covered with red dots, which disappear within two to three weeks. You can not sunbathe naturally or artificially, swim in the pool or bath, take a shower as hot as possible. Do not apply cosmetics (decorative in nature: lipstick, foundation, powder, etc.) on the first day after the procedure, and preferably in the first few days. Do not touch the skin with dirty hands and wear loose clothing whenever possible to avoid rubbing with the skin.

In addition, you should minimize physical activity. Since irritated areas of the skin will heal from increased sweating of the body much longer. These rules must be observed regardless of the zone in which the hair removal was performed: armpit electrolysis (they are especially prone to excessive perspiration), leg area, antennae electrolysis (we often touch this area with our hands, and are not always clean), area of ​​hands, widespread bikini hair removal etc.