Wedding trends have always been exciting. Seeing how people organize, plan, and celebrate their one (hopefully) big day never gets old. Over the years, one of the most interesting things to watch are the ways advances in technology and materials manufacturing make new expressions of the matrimonial moment possible. Here, we’ll cover 10 crazy wedding trends that have never before been possible- not at least without dropping a cool million.


Tailored Greenery to the Nth Degree


Fresh, sharply cut, tailored, and expertly arranged greenery at the table and along passageways has always been a nice touch. However, with modern plant science, advanced preservation capabilities, and the enhanced abilities for florists to focus on a single area of expertise, it is now possible to put your tailored greenery on overdrive. You can make your wedding and reception look like the Batman villain, Poison Ivy was feeling especially generous and decided to have her floral minions turn your big day into an angiosperm wonderland.


Projector Illusions

A lot of folks have seen projections used for Christmas decorating and at special events, been mildly impressed, and moved on. But don’t brush off the idea of computer-generated projector illusions, because your imagination is the limit when it comes to the illusions and the ambiance they can help you create. Today, holographic and 2D projections can be used on any surface and transform any mapped surface into an entirely different scene that morphs realistically right in front of your eyes. It really must be seen to be believed.


Purple Mountains, Majesty


Just as in the case of tailored greenery, the beauty and decorative effect of flowers can also be enhanced and prolonged thanks to modern horticultural and preservation techniques. But more importantly, these new capabilities give wedding designers the ability to use a broader range of purple flowers. There are more than 62 types of purple flowers, each with their own unique shade of rich, majestic purple. Purple has always been a symbol of love, royalty, decadence, and power. How better to adorn your wedding day than with every natural shade of this celebrated color?


Bring in the Drones



You might be asking yourself why everyone is still so excited about these little flying robots and what the heck have they got to do with weddings? Well, drones can do far more than just fly around and take pictures. They can also be programmed to carry light fixtures and to fly around in a predetermined way, creating a rainstorm of lighting effects. They can also be used to deliver stunning aerial photography and video. Many people use drones to create moving intro sequences as the camera sweeps across the landscape, but really, there is no limit to what drones can do with light and image.


3D Printing


3D printing technology has come into its own lately. These devices are being used to create complex objects with moving parts and pieces with all manner of material properties. Just one of these applications is the creation of custom decorations for wedding cakes. But we’re not just talking about figurines. People are designing complex structures for cake art that takes cake sculpting to whole new levels. If you think some of the cakes on Netflix’s “Nailed It” are impressive, just wait until you get a load of what 3D printed cake sculpture support and adornment can do.


Robot Bartender



Feeling sour about hiring a bartender who’ll pester guests for tips during your reception? Maybe you want to curtail opportunities for gossip at the bar during your . Or perhaps you just think it would be a cool novelty to have a robot coldly serving drinks to folks whether or not they really ought to have another. Whatever your motivation, robot bartenders are now a reality. They come in both mobile and stationary forms and are essentially an automated mixing and vending machine that takes voice commands. They’re pretty swish, and renting one might even be cheaper than hiring a human bartender.


Livestream Overflow

Wanna have a huge wedding? No, we mean huge. Transforming your wedding into a truly global event might seem a bit, excessive. Suppose you’re a blogger, a YouTube creator, or anyone with an audience. In that case, inviting your audience to your wedding is possible (without doxxing yourself) by offering access to the full event via live stream. If you are concerned about production quality, you might want to nominate a guest host to operate the main feed camera so that you don’t look like a world-class smartphone addict during your wedding. Better still, you can enhance the broadcast by linking feeds to some of those drones we talked about.


Crowdsourced Reception Projections

Using a combination of livestreaming, social media linking, and those projectors we talked about earlier – you could create a wild and intensely digital reception dance experience by allowing your guests to post images to your social media pages on the fly and have those images projected onto the walls of the reception dance hall. Sure, it’s a bit risky- you might want to have children attend a separate event just in case someone goes too far. But just imagine the spontaneity and the laughs. It could be truly unforgettable!


GoPro Bridal Bouquet

Take the tossing of the bridal bouquet, and turn it up to 11 by mounting a GoPro camera inside the bouquet! You’ll get a bird’s eye action cam view of the throw and the catch. We’d advise you to let the bride’s maids know about it so they whoever catches it can orient the camera toward her face- otherwise the video might be a bit confusing. If you want to make it a truly memorable event, live-project the feed to one of your projectors, and let everyone celebrate the big catch with the lucky bride’s maid.


Start Your Honeymoon in a Driverless Car



Once believed to be the sole purview of the Jetsons, driverless cars are now a reality. You can use them to buss guests in and out if you’re having a very large event. Another idea that’s growing in popularity is having the bride and groom depart for their honeymoon in a driverless car for ultimate privacy.