As one of the most popular vacation spots, Miami also offers some incredible venues for weddings and corporate events.  Elegance goes nicely with beauty and selecting a wedding venue is important.  Those that love the location understand that the City of Miami is able to offer some of the most fantastic wedding venues for couples planning their important event.  A few of the amazing venue choices include Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, The Addison, Villa Woodbine, Four Season Miami, Mandarin Oriental Brickell Key, Alfred Dupont Building, and Fairchild Garden. 

Miami’s Best Wedding Venues

Miami’s wedding locations are incredible with a long list that couples can appreciate as they plan for their big date.  A smart choice for the couple is to work with a professional photographer during the research process of finding the right wedding venue.  This can be really helpful for a couple that is planning ahead with a longer amount of time before the arranged wedding date.  The photographer can go with you to your top choices of venues and organize the photos to help you decide.  Having photos is nicer with an experienced professional that can see the best ways to take pictures during this important event.  A couple can then utilize the photos while preparing the guest list and important notes with priorities for the event planning.  A professional photographer can also give you suggestions for the wedding planning and venue choices. 

Planning Ahead

One of the simplest decisions is whether the event will be a formal wedding.  The type of attire and arrangements with a formal wedding can be easily understood with simple communication for the venue staff.  Once this is determined, finding the best venue can be the next step for a couple or a wedding planner.  The different price points for the wedding venue in Miami are at $82,000, $48,000, $28,000, $15,000, and $5,000.  Some venues include receptions and entertainment.  There are many planning steps for a wedding event but the number of guests is probably one of the most important considerations for event planning.  The venue staff might ask for this number and several vendors might also provide cost amounts based on the best estimate during the planning process.  A price per person might be part of vendor arrangements.  There are some simple ways to estimate the numbers for event planning.  There are several ways to arrive at the best number estimate of those planning to attend the wedding.  When formal invitations are being sent, some professionals estimate the average to be a certain percentage depending on the guests’ locations.  With Miami’s incredible choices for venues, a couple can be excited for the wedding planning and ready to focus on the beauty of their love together.


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