If you are taking the first steps in wedding photography, start with this article. Regardless of whether you are looking for an opportunity to shoot a wedding celebration informally, or if you want to develop the skill of portraiture as a whole, in both cases you will find great ideas.

Look for lines

As a background for wedding photos, choose monumental architectural lines, for example, columns. Remember, if you have successfully selected the background, then the foreground “will take its place”, forming together with the background the perfect composition. Explore the location in advance, see which architectural elements work best.

Be creative in choosing lighting

For photographs outside the wedding venue or church, there are many times when the lighting becomes interesting: "just as you need." If you caught them, use them, give your pictures expressiveness and drama. However, remember that such moments are fleeting: the light changes constantly throughout the day. Therefore, act quickly.

Experiment with a shooting angles

A small tilt of the camera will give the pictures dynamism. You are not required to photograph strictly horizontally or vertically. Experiment, turn horizontal and vertical lines into diagonal ones, thereby adding expressiveness to your pictures. Follow the measure - one or two shots in this technique are enough.

Try taking pictures with a telephoto lens

With a telephoto lens, you can comfortably sit as an inconspicuous observer. In addition, the telephoto lens interestingly depicts space, which can give the photographs dramatic effect. Avoid camera shake - a common occurrence when using similar lenses. Keep a heavy tripod handy.

Catch funny moments

Weddings are loaded with fun situations, so keep your nose upwind. Pictures in which people have fun, are happy and relaxed are in great demand. Therefore, follow the dynamics of the wedding party with both eyes and ears, and be prepared to plunge into the action.

Adapt to your surroundings

Stop fighting with wind, rain, people and time. This is a way to make trouble. Think about getting around an obstacle. By gaining confidence and experience, you will develop the ability to find many ways to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Among other skills, develop the ability to solve problems and create timeless wedding photos