Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and having great photos that you can look back on with fondness for years to come is a must. Your traditional photos are great, but having photos that are unique to you and your spouse is always special and can make your photos that much more precious. Here are 5 ideas that can make your wedding photos one of a kind.

1. Include your Pets

One sure fire way to make your special day extra special is to include your pets. Pets are so much more than just place holders and they can make your photos unique and long lasting. Your pets are not going to be around forever and having them in your wedding photos is going to help to make those photos extra special. Your pets can also add a bit of fun and a bit of whimsy to your photos and break you out of the run of the mill cookie cutter photos that everyone is so used to. Adding pets to a photo can help cut the tension, it can help make you feel a bit less nervous, and it adds a bit of extra fun and adventure to every photo shoot. Pets love you unconditionally and it can help you to get your best photos that are going to really stay with you and that you are going to love to show people and to talk about.

2. Include the Kids 

Many people tend to keep wedding photos very traditional with only the wedding party and the immediate family of the couple present. Though these might be good for traditional photos, kids are fantastic and do help to liven things up. Adding the kids, your kids, the kids of your guests, your ring bearer and flower girl, or any kids that are special to the couple can make any photo instantly more fun and interesting. Kids also have great ideas and may be able to give you and your wedding photographer some ideas about what photos you can take and about what new photos would be good. Kids are precious and they are a great way to liven up photos and make the most of your photos and your photos session.

3. Play up your Passions 

if you love Harry Potter, do some Harry Potter photos, if you love books then use books, if you love the color purple, play it up. They are your wedding photos, do whatever makes you happy with them. Do what you want and make sure that when someone looks at your photos they are going to be able to tell what you love. Including things that you love with the person that you love is going to help you to get photos that you are not only proud of, but that you are also going to love forever and you are going to love sharing with other people. Playing up your passion is going to make your photos special and is also going to help make your photos different than other couple’s and make them unique to you. Your passions are what make you unique and incorporating them into your wedding photography is a great way to make sure the live on.

4. Take it on the Road 

If you have a place that is special to you but that is not your wedding venue, you can always take your wedding photography on the road. You can take photos before or after the wedding so that you can take the photos where you want. Say you have a family farm that you grew up on, you can always take your photo shoot out to the farm to get some truly special photos. Say you want to take a wedding photo at the place that you met your significant other, again, just take the photos where you want. Sometimes a location can have a huge impact on a person and on their lives and it can also have a great impact on their marriage or their future together. If you have a special place and you want to add it to your wedding photos, do it, it may mean the difference between photos that are going to be just pretty, and photos that have sentimental meaning to you.

5. Experiment

There is nothing wrong with doing whatever you want with your photos. You should take the time to try out a few different things, to really work and to try out whatever you want and just experiment to see what photos are going to work for you. You should take the time to really get try to find out what you like and to just look around and try any idea that you might want and that you see. There is no reason that you cannot try out a few different types of photos until you find the one you love and the one that is going to work best for you. If you see an idea online you want to try, do it. Do not worry that others are not going to like it, you can find some great ideas online or you can even ask friends for suggestions as to what you should do to make your wedding photos unique and totally different. The right wedding photos are ones that you love and that work for you and your spouse and no one else.

No matter what you decide, your wedding photography is unique to you and your spouse. Taking the time to find what works best for you and your significant other is going to help you make sure that the photos you take are the ones you will remember fondly for a lifetime. Try using any of the tips here to find the best photo style for you, and remember, it does not matter if everyone else is happy with your  photos, if you love them, then they are perfect.